Written by: sande on March 18, 2017
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Traffic violations are so common in Qatar that it has almost become a way of life here. But Qatar’s traffic officials have been pushing back at offenders, introducing newer methods to catch culprits.

A new hi-tech camera, which is capable of detecting several traffic violations at once, seems to be their newest tool to fight back, reported The Peninsula.

The newspaper revealed that the French-made camera — Mesta Fusion — is set to be installed at major intersections in the country soon.

The best thing about the camera is that it can detect several violations that are undetectable by normal speed cameras.

In addition to speed and red light enforcement capabilities, Mesta Fusion does many added-value additional functions thanks to trajectory analysis.

It does what traditional speed cameras do — detect speeding, jumping of red signals etc. At the same time, it also detects tailgating, stopping in yellow box at signal, illegal U-turn, illegal overtaking and changing lanes at intersections.

Mesta Fusion integrates non-intrusive multi-target tracking radar technology and a high resolution camera performing perfectly well over multiple traffic lanes.

This new system being tried out in Qatar can also keep an eye if enough space is left between vehicles. Mesta Fusion can take high quality pictures of violations with very high accuracy and speed.

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